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Dakartech Team with Drenaline´s support 2010-12-14 » Dakartech Team with Drenaline´s support

The DakarTech and its bikes are going to be once again at the starting line of the most important All-Terrain Rally of the year - the DAKAR 2011. This year, the whole team is counting on the support of Drenaline, Putoline, Scott and Afam.

Hélder Rodrigues, the fastest Portuguese AT pilot ever is going to make part of this team, with the same brands supporting him, and also with the Dakar Teck Kit.

Besides the team leader, Pedro Oliveira, the team is having two more rookies racing - Rui Oliveira and Fausto Mota - two well-known pilots in the national scene.

This year was full of technical developments, which were tested last month, racing along 2 000km on the hard Moroccan terrain, during the Shamrock Rally.