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European Bajas - Nazareth still in the group ahead 2009-06-05 » European Bajas - Nazareth still in the group ahead

The European Baja Championship had its second round in Italy, in the Melfi region, between Naples and Bari. A rough, very hot, mountain area awaited the best pilots al over Europe, who would compete with the best Italian pilots.

João Nazareth presented a new preparation of his Polaris Outlaw 525S, which showed itself more competitive right on the first day. He lead his class up until the beginning of the last special, when a leak in the pump of the front brake forced him to slow down, which left him in second, only 40 seconds from the first.

If the first day didn´t go well, the second was much worse. The Drenaline pilot got lot in one of the many connections between the stretches; this was a mistake that cost him an 8-minute penalty and which made him repeat the second position of the previous day.

João Nazareth is now in second in his class and in fourth in the general classification, but his eyes are already set on the Hungary Baja, next August.