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2015-06-05 » Roots


Drenaline is the result of the vast experience that more than 58 years in the motorcycling market represent, together with a strong desire of creating a brand that could become a hallmark in the motorcycling world. After an exhaustive research a analysis of the motorcyclists´ needs, combined with our experience, not just at a commercial level, but also concerning the best raw materials to be used in each article, the brand started to be shaped. From this strong will and hard work DRENALINE was designed and created.

We couldn´t be prouder of the product of this investment - a complete range of clothing and accessories for motorcyclists and aluminum parts for the motorcycles, manufactured with the best raw materials to offer the most demanding client the maximum comfort and security
at the best price in the market.

Since 2004, DRENALINE has been dedicated to every kind of motorcyclist and has served their every need, from the most demanding motard to the everyday scooter rider.

Drenaline is divided into two segments: Parts - Accessories for Motorcycles; and Wear - Equipment for motorcyclists. Both these ranges result in a complete catalogue with more than 100 items, from the various clothing options to the most useful accessories that make each ride a comfortable and safe adventure.

The brand´s motto is to fully satisfy its clients, and for that it shows great concern with the design and quality of the products it offers. Our catalogue is, thus, a fine example of great quality allied to a very good price.